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  • The Ultimate Hiking Checklist

    The Ultimate Hiking Checklist   Hiking can be a fun activity that helps you reconnect with nature or just have fun with your friends. But before you go you need to be prepared. Check out this list of all you will need while hiking. Backpack If there is one thing you absolutely need while hiking, […]

  • The Ultimate Camping Guide (With Video)

    The Ultimate Camping Guide If you have had enough of being stuck indoors and sitting in front of the TV, a really great thing to do is to go camping. Camping gets you outdoors, it lets you see the stars, get in touch with nature, and spend some much needed quality time with family and […]

  • Survival Foods With a Long Shelf Life (With Video)

    Survival Foods with a Long Shelf Life  Emergency situations can arise at any time. Wars, disease, fires, and extreme weather all qualify as crisis situations. When it comes to your long-term survival in any such situation, food is always going to be a main concern. However, you really don’t know if an emergency will arise […]

  • What to Pack for Camping (With Video)

    What to Pack for Camping  You plan on going camping, but have no idea what to take along. This is what we are here for today, to discuss the 20 most important things to pack for your next camping trip. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel What to Pack for Camping Basic Clothing First off, make […]