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Create The Perfect Camping Bathroom

For many people, a major drawback of camping is that the bathroom facilities are usually not as convenient as the ones we have at home.

Here at The Savvy Survivalist, we’re ready to help you create the ideal camping bathroom. We supply all the equipment you need to make a remote campsite sanitary.

Stay feeling fresh and clean in the great outdoors.

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Group Glamping Essentials

Camping with friends and family is a wonderful way to see more of nature or enjoy sports such as surfing, hiking, and canoeing. However, we all get used to home comforts such as a well-equipped kitchen and a clean and sanitary bathroom.

When we go camping, there’s no need to leave your daily shower routine behind. With a good camping bathroom installed, you can enjoy an invigorating and powerful shower, and a clean toilet seat, even in the most remote locations.

A key part of staying healthy is remaining sanitary. With our camp bathroom accessories, you can have a more comfortable adventure.

Why Choose a Camping Toilet?

A portable camping toilet could make your family or group’s camping experience much more homely and hygienic. By positioning a portable toilet inside a camping toilet tent, you could create a private and sanitary environment that is familiar and convenient for campers of all ages.

Biodegradable sacks can be inserted into a portable toilet, tied up, and buried to ensure that no trace of waste remains on site. In addition to portable toilets, we also sell portable urinals for both men and women.

Stay Clean and Fresh With a Portable Camping Shower

In addition to a toilet tent, a camping shower tent could provide your family or group with increased cleanliness.

We sell a range of camp shower options, but our most popular product is the Portable 12V Camping Shower which pumps water through a home-style showerhead. So, you can easily wash off soapy bubbles and feel refreshed!

The same tents which are suitable for making an outdoor camping shower cubicle are also useful as portable changing rooms.

Groups with mixed-gender adventurers often appreciate having space to change clothes. Our tents are tall enough for people to stand up easily. If you want to switch between a wet suit and a cozy sweater and jeans for wearing by the fire, a portable changing room could make it much more manageable.

Shop Our Camp Bathroom Range Now

In addition to bathroom accessories, we also sell a range of essentials, including camping cookware and tent accessories.

There’s no need to wash using a bucket and dig a hole every time you need the toilet. Create the perfect camping bathroom for your family or group to feel right at home, even in the wilderness.

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