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We’re Always Prepared

The international scout motto is: “Be Prepared,” and it couldn’t be more relevant.

Don’t wait until a guy rope snaps, your tent tears, or you find yourself a tent stake short. Prepare in advance by stocking up on tent accessories right now at The Savvy Survivalist.

A Modern Tent is More Than a Place to Sleep

For many adventurers, their tent is simply a place to lay down and get a good night’s rest. However, that has begun to change. Due to off-season camping and longer excursions, campers and survivalists increasingly want tents that do more than just keep them dry while they sleep.

These days group campers and glampers enjoy tents that provide a larger space where they can sit and chat or even share a meal during a spell of heavy rain. We sell kits to help you to repair any holes in your tent, replace guy ropes and replace lost tent stakes. So, you can keep your tent in good condition, whatever surprises the weather might throw at you.

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We Stock Excellent Tent Accessories

Here at The Savvy Survivalist, we understand that things wear out and go missing. Whether you need some new tent pegs, tent cord, or a tent repair kit, we have got you covered.

We also understand that you may not be securing your tent to traditional, tightly packed earth with stakes. Perhaps, you require tent anchors or other solutions. Browse our range of tent tie-downs.

Need to secure a tent to a backpack or bicycle? The tent straps we sell are strong and easy to cut to the required length without fraying.

Proudly a Stockist of Coghlan’s and Mons Peak

Rarely would anyone describe tent pegs as beautiful, but the Mons Peak XI tent stakes we stock are as elegant as they are functional, with 6 per pack.

Often tent pegs are made from plastic, but these fine tent stakes are made of hard, anodized aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum and treated to withstand the elements. They have a lightweight Y stake design with extra length to make them extremely secure.

We’re equally proud of our wide range of Coghlan’s products, including their famous ARNO straps and bungee cords which have so many uses it’s impossible to list them all.

Tent repair kits can help you to increase the longevity of your tent. Coghlan’s screen patches can enable you to open tent doors and windows without also welcoming insects such as mosquitoes.

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In addition to tent accessories, we also sell a range of essentials, including camping cookware and camp bathroom equipment. Make your next camping holiday perfect with everything you could possibly need for a fun adventure.

Repair your tent, or replace lost parts with our excellent product range.

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  • mons peak ix trail 43 backpacking tent 3p fly door view 25a13dec 6346 4cb0 8dfa 9f72d9b9b181

    Mons Peak IX Trail 43 2-in-1 Tent, 3P Footprint

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  • mons peak ix night sky backpacking tent 3p fly footprint front view

    Mons Peak IX Night Sky 2-in-1 Tent, 3P Footprint

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  • mons peak ix gear loft

    Mons Peak IX Gear loft for Trail 43 & Night Sky

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  • mons peak ix six y stakes 7075 aluminum

    Mons Peak IX Tent Stakes, Y HA 7075 Al, (6 Pack)

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  • mons peak ix night sky home field repair kit

    Mons Peak IX Night Sky Home & Field Repair Kit

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  • mons peak ix guy lines set

    Mons Peak IX Reflective Guy line set + Tensioners

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  • mons peak ix dac poles 4p extensions d595f6a7 52e7 4f2a ac7a 1d45c2881aeb

    Mons Peak IX DAC Replacement Pole Extensions 4P Yellow

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  • mons peak ix dac poles 3p extensions 7179880f faab 47da ad46 c1c71c1d97c5

    Mons Peak IX DAC Replacement Pole Extension 3P Green

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  • mons peak ix dac 3p 4p main poles 0833d616 50c2 4a3d 9aec ecc09c9d0650

    Mons Peak IX DAC Replacement Poles – Main

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  • crua core reflective flysheet accessories 1 510

    Crua Core Double-Sided Reflective Flysheet

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